Wood Pellets

Wood Pellets

Produced locally, our pellets are made from pure, debarked virgin wood, which is dried and compressed into pellets 6mm in diameter. Produced to quality standard EN Plus-A1, they’re very robust, making them suitable for mechanical or vacuum loading.  They produce about 4.8 kW/hr per kg, and leave only 0.7% ash.

We supply Verdo pellets in 10kg bags on a one-tonne pallet, in one-tonne bottom-dump bags, and in bulk using our Fliegl delivery trailer powered by a 400 hp Fendt tractor.  Please note there’s a minimum order quantity for bulk deliveries.

Do not hesitate to contact us now for a quote and to discuss you wood fuel requirements.  We can offer one off solutions to short to long term contracts.

Wood pellets