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There are plenty of good reasons for moving away from oil and gas:

  1. Fuel prices – high and getting higher
  2. Dependence on imports
  3. Inadequate National stocks
  4. Delivery and service problems in bad weather
  5. Enormous environmental impact, including local habitat damage and global climate change

And plenty more to choose Forest Heat Energy for your solution:

  • Experienced professionals
  • UK distributors for Europe’s leading manufacturers
  • MCS approved, accredited installers
  • Local, sustainable, responsible
  • Directly contributing to improved woodland management, wildlife habitats and biodiversity in the South of England

As a business, community organisation or householder, biomass is a reliable, sustainable way to cut your fuel costs and reduce your carbon footprint – and with government grant assistance, you can recoup your investment in a remarkably short time.

As a landowner, the emerging woodfuels sector opens up new markets for timber, and makes traditional, sustainable woodland management methods economically viable.  Forest Heat Energy can advise on woodland management or directly purchase your timber from you.

Let Forest Heat Energy design a bespoke renewable heating solution for you, contact us today to find out more.