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Forest Heat Energy can help you create a district heating system, whether it be for a domestic or commercial residency.

Calpex highly insulated, protective encased pipework enables separate buildings to be connected to a single, remotely located boiler house. This network system allows the efficient transfer of high volumes of heated water with low frictional and temperature losses.

By using a single large boiler it is possible to generate economies of scale and efficiency compared to using individual boilers in each property.

Installations on this scale are ideal for using an ESCO (Energy Supply Company) whereby the funding is supplied to a group or individual who then operate the heating system and charge for heat from a meter by the kW/hour.  The rate charged will reflect fuel cost savings and the RHI receipts.

ESCO’s and District Heating systems are eligible for the Commercial RHI.

Please contact us for further information and to discuss your requirements. CALPEX Low Temperature System