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We offer a complete wood fuel heating service covering all aspects of biomass heating and wood fuel supply and delivery, including:

  • Advising on the most appropriate type and size of woodfuel boiler for your property, to meet your heating needs and sustainability goals
  • Designing and specifying complete systems to cut fuel bills and carbon emissions
  • Supplying, installing and maintaining your system to ensure a long, trouble-free service life
  • Providing training to staff to ensure the system is used properly, and the maximum benefits obtained
  • Supplying and delivering woodfuels in the right form and quantity, and on time, to ensure uninterrupted service from your system, especially at peak load periods.
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    Renewable Heating Solutions

    Whether you're considering a biomass replacement for your conventional domestic boiler, or planning to heat a large commercial building, you're assured of the highest standards of professional service and care. Read More
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    Wood Chipping

    Flexible and competitive wood chipping services across the South East, including Hampshire, Sussex and Surrey, with Mus-Max WT 11 Z wood chipper and 400 hp Fendt 939 Tractor. Read More
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    Wood Fuel Supply & Delivery

    We supply & deliver wood chip, wood pellets and briquettes to customers across the South Coast, including Hampshire, Sussex & Surrey using walking floor or bulk blown deliveries. Read More
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    Hire Services

    We offer a range of hire services including Mus-Max wood chipper hire, Fliegl delivery trailer and a mobile biomass heating for events. Read More
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    RHI Application Processing

    We offer a bespoke RHI application processing service, taking the hassle away from you and ensuring you get the return you deserve. Read More