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Why biomass?

Biomass is a renewable energy source with low carbon emissions.  It is readily available in the UK and is a low cost alternative to conventional fossil fuels.  You can save money on your heating bills and protect the environment! The table below shows the savings that can be made on your wood fuel.

Fuel Estimated Cost/KwH
Wood chips 2.9p/kWh
Wood pellets 4.2p/kWh
Natural gas 4.8p/kWh
Heating oil 6.0p/kWh
LPG (bulk) 7.6p/kWh
Electricity 14.5p/kWh
Source: Biomass Energy Centre  

Which biomass system is right for me?

We create renewable heating solutions for both commercial and domestic customers.  Through consultation and site visits we can identify the best options available to you.  At Forest Heat Energy we supply and install a range of biomass and solar products from leading manufacturers, including small pellet-fired domestic boilers to large wood chip-fired systems for commercial and public buildings.

What is the renewable heat incentive?

The renewable heat incentive is a UK Government financial support scheme set up to encourage the uptake of renewable heat technologies in both the domestic and non domestic sector. The main aim of the scheme is to:

    • cut carbon
    • help meet renewable targets
    • cut energy bills
Phase 1 is active and available to non-domestic installations (industrial, business, and public sectors), whilst details on phase 2, for domestic installations, have just been announced with applications being accepted in Spring 2014. Read more about the commercial RHI and the domestic RHI on our website, or contact us directly for more information and to see the savings you could make. The energy saving trust also has plenty of further reading around the two schemes.

What is the renewable heat premium payment?

It is a scheme introduced by the Government for the domestic homeowner to help with the cost of installing renewable heating technologies in your home.  The amounts were increased in May 2013, so you could now be eligible for the following amounts:

  • biomass boilers - £2000
  • solar thermal hot water - £600
  • heat pumps - up to £2300
For further details you can read more on the Government’s website under the Renewable Heat Premium Payment. Applicants will be required to undertake a Green Deal Assessment before submitting their claim for payment. The scheme has recently been extended for a further year; now running up to March 2014.