We have a wide range of accumulation tanks which can be used for small scale domestic installations up to large scale commercial installations.

Why use an Accumulation tank?

Although some biomass boilers can operate without an accumulator tank or thermal store they are essential for log boilers. This is due to the usual method of of intermittent firing and the need to store generated heat for use according to heating requirements.

Accumulator tanks are very well insulated with a 100mm foam jacket covered in a hard shell of vinyl or thin steel. They allow firing within planned periods to suit your availability and to keep the boiler loaded with fuel.

Other benefits of using an accumulator tank with all types of biomass boilers include:

  • lower fuel consumption due to a more efficient operating regime
  • avoidance of unwanted firings where the boiler is frequently cycling between on and off
  • lower emissions
  • a longer boiler life due to less heating and cooling cycles, combined with a more efficient steady, sustained output.
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    Centrometal CAS 501 - 4001

    Centrometal Accumulation tanks are available in sizes from 475 litres to 5000 litres and can also be connected in modules. Read More
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    ETA Accumulation Tanks

    ETA SP accumulators come in sizes 600 litres to 2200 litres and are suitable for solar thermal and biomass generated heat storage. Read More
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    Akvaterm Accumulation Tanks

    Akvaterm tanks are available in conventional cylinders from 300 litres to 10,000 litres capacity and have a very low heat loss by using a dense foam sheathed in a steel casing. Read More