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At Forest Heat Energy Ltd. (FHE), we supply and install biomass (modern wood-fuelled) boilers and heating systems, along with the wood fuels for these low-carbon, renewable heating options. We also supply and install solar thermal heating systems.  All of our biomass boilers are MCS and HETAS approved and our installers also have MCS accreditation.

As part of the Renewable Energy industry, it is of paramount importance that we demonstrate to our customers, and the public, that we have impeccable environmental credentials.

It is therefore our policy to develop, operate and maintain our business activities with constant due regard to our Environment, both locally and globally.

Here are our Environmental Targets:

  • FHE will comply with all relevant legal requirements in relation to the Environment and will continue to do so.
  • FHE will only source timber for wood fuel from sustainably managed forestry and which, where appropriate, has Forestry Commission licencing.
  • Our production and transport equipment and vehicles will comply with, and operate to, the latest Emissions reduction legislation.
  • We will promote environmental awareness to our staff, customers, sub contractors and suppliers at every opportunity.
  • Being in the business of reducing CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions, we will endeavour to create an awareness of the importance of Climate Change action.
  • We will always operate with due regard to wildlife habitat, landscape protection and ensure that we do not pollute our land, air or water.
  • We will minimise and mitigate any noise or dust pollution arising from our operations.

We will review this environmental policy and update as necessary in 12 months.