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There are other items which work very well with modern wood fuelled heating systems which raise their overall energy efficiency and help to lower your heating costs.

Solaris Solar Thermal hot water heating

  • Solaris offer in-roof or on-roof, highly efficient flat panels. They are designed to suit the UK climate and to minimise their impact on your home’s appearance and the local landscape by using a flat black coating with no bright parts.
  • The installation can be in a South or East – West orientation. Flat roof mounting sets are also available.
  • Solar thermal heat can either be stored for hot water useage or can be used to pre heat an accumulator tank in a biomass system.
  • You get free hot water from the sun for 70% of the year over the 20 year lifetime of the system, the panels are guaranteed for 10 years.
  • Solaris systems are Accredited by Keymark and are RHI – eligible. Our installers are MCS  Accredited.

Flat Stations or fresh hot water flow stations for instantaneous hot water supply

SAV 1 Series unit provides direct, instant hot water via a heat exchanger and built-in flow/temperature controller to your existing plumbing, at the turn of a tap. It can be wall mounted or in a cupboard; taking up very little room.

SAV 3 Series also provide instant hot water, but for feeding to a storage tank in an existing indirect system. This unit is suitable for connecting older systems safely to a District Heat network, for 8 – 25 kW heating and hot water installations.

SAV 7 Series are suitable for indirect systems, to provide safe, instant hot water and heating in older, larger properties, for up to 45 kW heating and hot water.

In addition, ETA offer a similar system for instant, fresh, sanitary hot water supply, mounted on their accumulator tank for integration with a biomass or solar thermal heating installation. A truly efficient and space – saving unit.

Under floor heating

This method of distributing heat in a building can provide an energy-efficient and lower cost solution than conventional radiators, particularly on the ground floor and in new build or major renovation projects.

Under floor heating pipework uses lower temperature flows which can mean using a smaller boiler and lower fuel consumption, with added warmth when combined with other heat efficiency measures, for example, as required under the Green Deal for Homes.

Under floor heating is ideal in combination with a biomass boiler and a solar thermal hot water installation.