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We supply the following three types of wood fuels from stock to customers in South East & South West England, using our specialist Fliegl delivery trailer for bulk blown or push off floor deliveries:

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Wood chip

For wood chip we can supply heat per kW/hr or supply and deliver the wood fuel per cubic metre directly into your store.  We can use either a walking floor trailer or a blown wood chip or pellet delivery.  See our page on wood chip for more information.  All of our wood chip is produced in house and has been awarded Woodsure Plus accreditation by HETAS.  Alternatively, if you have the stocks, we offer a wood chipping service.

Wood pellets

Wood pellets are available per pallet or bulk delivery.  See our page on wood pellets for  more information.


Briquettes are supplied per pallet.  See our page on Briquettes for more information.

For a quotation, and general advice on woodfuel choices, supply and storage, please contact us either via our form, email or call 01243 373953.


We don’t supply logs directly; however, we’ll be happy to put you in touch with reliable local suppliers who meet our sustainability and quality standards.