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Queensland Limited. is a luxury bedroom furniture retailer with showrooms based in West Sussex and Berkshire, and a storage warehouse 5 miles west of Chichester.

In order to keep their valuable stock in good condition and to have comfortable working conditions for their warehouse and delivery staff in the winter months, Queensland approached Forest Heat Energy Ltd for an environmentally friendly, low carbon heating solution. Factors in their decision-making process also meant that they were looking to work with a local company for after sale back-up and fuel supply, reliability and good long-term service.

Forest Heat Energy’s Technical Director Colin Rudge suggested a Centrometal 25 Kw pellet boiler with a 500 litre buffer tank, together with a 120 litre back-up Centrometal hot water storage heater for hand washing.  This could also be electrically heated in the summer months if required.

The entire job, from planning and design through to mechanical and electrical installation, was carried out by the Forest Heat Energy staff.  The plant was commissioned in November 2011.

The Centrometal ECO Star 25 has an attached pellet hopper holding an available 240 Kgs of pellets, which is hand loaded from 10 kgs bags.  This was chosen as the best solution as there is always someone at hand in the warehouse to load the hopper.

Overnight and at weekends with the boiler working on part load, the 240 kgs of fuel with the buffer tank’s stored heat ensure a quick return to full temperature heating when the staff are back to work.

The Directors of Queensland Ltd. are very pleased with their Forest Heat Energy biomass heating system:

Our Centrometal pellet boiler works very well and is so quiet, you hardly know it’s running!

We have been very pleased with the service from FHE’s heating engineers, who installed the system quickly and efficiently.  The boiler is easy to set up and cleaning out is only every 2 weeks or so, which is easily managed by our staff who are on-hand.

Forest Heat Energy also supplies our pellets.  Their delivery service is first class; this was a major deciding factor when we chose a boiler.

With the availability of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) and the fuel savings with pellets over oil, the installation is set to pay for itself in about 4 years, which is great news!”

Furthermore, we have also reduced the carbon footprint of our business by using a wood fuel heating system instead of a fossil fuel system.