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  • Centrometal Accumulation tanks are available in sizes from 475 litres to 5000 litres and can also be connected in modules
  • CAS accumulation tanks store heat energy for controlled release according to heating demand.
  • They increase the overall efficiency and economy of biomass boilers.
  • They have good thermal insulation through 100mm and 130mm foam covered in a rigid, durable plastic jacket
  • CAS tanks assist the boiler to operate in the most efficient manner to extend boiler life and lower maintenance costs
  • In milder ambient temperatures, CAS tanks permit reduced boiler firings and the retention of heat over several days
  • CAS tanks can be installed with integral hot water tanks and connections with tube heat exchangers for other renewable heat sources.
  • Options include heating coils for solar or other source of heating input, CAS – PBS tanks in 855 and 1000 litres with rapid heating coils, solar and other heat source input, and a system to layer or stratify the stored heat. These are insulated to 130mm thickness.

Suggested sizing criteria for CAS accumulation tanks :

  • For wood gasification and log boilers, a minimum of 50 litres capacity per 1Kw heat output
  • For pellet fired boilers, a minumum of 30 litres capacity per 1 Kw heat output.
  • Installation requirements vary according to space available, building heat loads and other renewable heat sources available.

CAS Accumulation tanks