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  • The Centrometal Bio Tec log gasification boilers offer thermal outputs of 25, 35 and 45 Kw models, all MCS accredited, HETAS approved and eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentive
  • Suitable for 550mm split log lengths with a maximum of 25% moisture content (seasoned hardwood)


  • A simple, robust boiler for low-cost operation using your own wood or an eco friendly local supply
  • Up to 90% efficiency through gasification combustion process. Lower harmful flue gas emissions
  • From 4 hours to a day’s burning period per loading, depending on heat demand
  • Three large doors for easy firing, loading and cleaning
  • Flue gas fan, heating circuit, need for log refills and buffer vessel loading all digitally regulated by an easy to use controller
  • Full safety through a thermal probe, pressure vent valve and an expansion vessel
  • Easy to install, requires an accumulator tank for efficient operation. Heating flexibility linked to your present boiler as back-up

Bio Tec Log Gasification boiler