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  • A wood chip boiler that is easy and quick to install, suitable for large properties and District Heating systems.  Lowest cost fuel use


  • Fully automated feed system using 5.5″ heavy duty augers. Unique anti- blockage system, over sized wood slivers are cut by a built-in shear knife.  The auger will automatically reverse up to 3 times to clear blockages if they occur
  • Lambda probe sensor to adjust the boiler air/fuel ratio according to moisture and density of the incoming wood chip
  • Low electrical demand due to the use of helical cut gears and progressive auger screw flights, 95% efficient, 30% lower power
  • A unique one-chamber rotary feed valve offers a maximum anti burn-back protection; no hot gases can enter the fuel feeder
  • Tilting burn out grate and hot furnace design with automatic de-ashing of the grate and heat exchanger, ash conveyed to a bin
  • Greater than 3:1 turn down ratio allows spring and autumn firings at lower output. After burn   down, air flaps are shut to save heat
  • Comprehensive and expandable control of all operations and circuits from the easy to use display panel, e.g. if a stone causes a blockage the system will tell you how to deal with it
  • Additional control circuits, centralized extensions and  ‘BUS’ regulator for District Heating or multiple buildings are available
  • ETA Hack boilers can be converted to pellet use if a different fuel option is required in the future (subject to RHI compliance)

All ETA pellet and chip boilers up to and including 45 Kw output are MCS Accredited, therefore eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentive.

ETA HACK 20 – 200 kW wood chip boiler