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  • A robust, long-life boiler for larger, more complex heating and hot water systems, with the ability for later expansion.
  • Suitable for heating larger buildings and small District Heating of multiple buildings


  • A larger, fully automated, heavier duty boiler with a ceramic lined combustion chamber and tilting grate
  • Exhaust flue gas recirculation to the grate lowers the combustion temperature and avoids slag build – up.
  • Flexible positioning with pneumatic pellet feed from a remote store.
  • Automatic pellet feeding to the boiler is only 10 minutes, twice/day on the 35 Kw model.
  • Automated ignition, de-ashing of grate and heat exchanger to an integral bin
  • 5.7 ” ETA Touch screen, system can integrate solar thermal. Remote operation by optional modem or Smart phone.
  • Greater than a 3:1 turn down ratio, e.g. 35 Kw model operates down to 9.4 Kw. 94% efficiency at full load.
  • Settings and control of two weather compensated heating circuits, hot water, time and reduced mode settings.

All ETA pellet and chip boilers up to and including 45 Kw output are MCS Accredited, therefore eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentive.

ETA PE-K Brochure