Forest Heat Energy is an official installer/supplier of the high quality Austrian ETA biomass boilers.

These biomass boilers are up to 95% efficient and all use a Lambda oxygen sensor to constantly and accurately adjust the induction air to ensure optimal efficiency and low emissions.

The smaller ETA wood pellet boilers are compact and suitable for indoor installation, having automatic, self-cleaning rotary grates, feeding the ash to a disposal bin which is emptied 3 times per season.  The wood pellets store can be up to 20 metres away.

Control of your entire heating system is via a 5.7″ colour touch screen, which is smartphone and computer accessible. With attractive, optional panel designs, these modern wood burners will more than adequately replace your current fossil fuel boiler whilst saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint.

All ETA pellet boilers have rotary valves for burn-back protection, oxygen sensing of flue gases and outside temperature compensation.

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    PU Pellet Boiler 7-15 kW, PC Pellet Boiler 20-32 kW

    A range of modern, fully automated pellet boilers, ideal for your home or business in today's fast - moving world. Read More
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    PE-K Pellet Boiler 35 - 90 kW

    A range of robust, long-life wood pellet boilers for larger, more complex heating and hot water systems, with the ability for later expansion. Read More