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  • A modern, fully automated boiler, ideal for your home or business in today’s fast – moving world
  • Compact, complete and suitable for installation inside your home, pellets can be stored up to 20m away
  • Ready and simple to install, flexible positioning using pneumatic pellet feed


  • Fully automatic ignition, de-ashing of grate and heat exchanger ash to an integral bin
  • Clean and convenient, only needs the ash bin emptying 3 times per season
  • Outside supply of combustion air to the boiler, to suit energy-saving homes, can save 5 – 15% on fuel.
  • Built-in temperature riser pump and expansion tank, no buffer tank required
  • Ideal for under floor heating, all heating and hot water circuits controlled from the boiler
  • Settings and control via a 5.7″ Touch screen. Smart phone connection option
  • Three attractive front panel upgrades, which can be exchanged to match your decor.

All ETA pellet boilers up to and including 45 Kw output are MCS Accredited, therefore eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentive.

ETA PU Pellet Boiler

ETA PC Pellet Boiler